Remember the fabulous vacation I booked last year at The Buccaneer in St Croix? The Buccaneer is a fabulous old school resort reminiscent of Lucy and Desi heydays.

The Buccaneers cheapest room now is a parking lot view at $380 plus 18% room and electricity tax.

Last year they put Gigi and I in the honeymoon suite which goes for over $1,000 a night.

The cost of the vacation to me was $700 for everything for 7 nights. We flew down on air miles free so I got a luxury vacation on the cheap.

This year I saw the offer again and I won again for a grand total of $752. I paid when I won and decided to book yesterday. This is the email I got back:

Dear wReggie,

Re: Fulfillment #bla bla bla, Item #1 bla bla bla

I'm sorry, we only have 3 nights left on our contract with this hotel. Are you interested in booking 3 nights?

Please send any necessary replies online at:

We thank you for using SkyAuction.com and look forward to hearing from you soon. bla bla bla

If you are unable to use the link above, you may contact us via email at reservations@skyauction.com or via phone at (212) 355-3660. Agents are available from Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.


bla bla bla

Are you shitting me? Do I want to be homeless for 4 days? No.

I won 7 days at The Buccaneer and paid for 7 days. You took my money (I get real shitty when people steal from me) and yet you don’t deliver.

I wrote back and called. I had to leave a voice mail and haven’t heard back from the email. I told them no I want 7 days or a full refund.

Come Monday I expect a satisfactory answer or I’ll reverse the charge from the credit card company.

Stay tuned.

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Ken said...

I get it! We just had ATT almost steal $10 from us if we hadn't been looking. But we always look.