wReggie Inflation Index

The past couple of years the feds in my opinion have been fudging numbers when it comes to inflation. Just look at Social Security cost of living benefits and you’ll see denial on the part of the feds.

Prices are going up but the government and the press seem to ignore this.

So I have invented for my own satisfaction my own inflation index to track the cost of goods.

The list of items is simple…basic stuff any guy would buy once a week to sustain himself.

Diesel $3.88 a gallon X 10 = $38.80

Total $85.97

I will update this list from time to time just to see how prices are rising or going down.

I tried to keep it simple but it omits a lot of common items like fresh meat, paper goods, frozen goods, snacks, soft drinks, etc. The fuel includes all state and federal tax and the groceries do not include the local sales tax of 8%.

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Ken said...

Give yourself a raise and you don't have to worry about it.

Or...forage in the woods once a week, your GPS will help you get back to the good forage spots week after week without getting lost.

Rock Chef said...

They are definitely fudging things over here.
The official rate is 4%, bur this is being held down by the crappy housing market. We has seen basic things like bread rise by between 25% and 33%!

I will be interested to see what your results are!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

They better not frickin' raise the cost of hotdogs.