Return to The Saddle

I am back from California and I must say it was a good time. I really enjoy being a human being sometimes.

The meetings went well, the Ritz Carlton was fabulous and the food good as always.

If you ever get to stay at any Ritz do not pass up the chance. It is elegant and friendly and service is like you dream about.

I pulled up in a cab at the Ritz and the doorman rushed to open my door, and then proceeded to the truck to remove my luggage where he saw my luggage tag and exclaimed “Welcome Mr. Hunnicutt!” He then radioed ahead to the lobby where all employees are wired, and I was greeted by three employees like I was a celebrity.

The room was upscale and well outfitted with every need plus a well stocked bar and fancy coffee machine.

Friday I got a rental car and proceeded inland from San Francisco to the land of Phfrankie.

Phfrankie and his lovely partner reside at The Shack which is a small but efficient home plopped on 2 acres of God’s country. Black soil, fruit trees and a frigging river at the mail box surround the compound.

Phfrankie had a fire roaring in the pit when I got there. We drank some wine and put the chicken on the rotisserie. This is spinning a chicken according to Phfrankie.

I’ll let the video tell the storey but let me say the food was even better than it looked. The friendship of both sincere and I slept like a baby in front of their wood stove.

Life is good. Thank you guys.

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Ken said...

You win wReggie! That, has got to be the best video of a good time that I have EVER seen.
You win the prize.
I hate to admit it, but it makes me tingle to see how well you guys hit it off.
The Ritz of Hood!

Judy said...

That was fun to watch. Looked so welcoming and fun. Nice to finally meet an internet friend. I know you enjoyed it!

Judy said...

That fireplace looked so cozy!! What a charming place!! Loved the dog too.

Unknown said...

this is phrizie speaking...that's a most professional presentation and so was a pleasure meeting and sharing with you reggie...especially with someone as gracious as you...looking forward to no. carolina:] now i know what size bone to buy schneider...he carries it around like a trophy!

Jay said...

"... I was greeted by three employees like I was a celebrity."

But, you ARE a celebrity.

I'm glad Phrankie had that pencil behind his ear while smoking the cigar. Never know when you'll need to write a few notes down.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You know Jay...he had that pencil back there the whole night.

terri said...

Looks like Phfrankie is an excellent cook! Glad you had fun!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

Bravo! on the vid, brother.