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We said goodbye to a hen last week. In my absence one of the hens started doing back flips. She was separated from the others and put in intensive care by Gigi. Alas her condition worsened and she was euthanized.

So I’m down to 10 hens.

But wait! It is spring you know and that means... spring chickens. We will acquire 6 chicks any day now to replenish the flock.

Yesterday in Charlotte, NC I took some clients out to lunch and a rather nice Italian restaurant and I paid for it with my credit card. Hours later in Locust, NC I was declined at Wal-Mart using the same card.

I called the company and they were suspicious having used the card at an upscale eatery and then using the card at lowly Wal-Mart so they froze the account temporarily.

But the same card company didn’t think it was strange that I was using the card all last week in St Croix.

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Ken said...

Flippin' chickens, that's BAD!

Phfrankie Bondo said...


terri said...

I wonder what exactly the upscale version of Walmart would be?