What the Heck?

This disturbing looking thing is a chicken egg that was taken yesterday. It has been called a testicle, and comments from Facebook suggest I find some resemblance to Jesus and sell it on eBay.

I think it looks like it should be in the asteroid belt.

I called a trusted chicken expert last night and he said that it is normal and a chicken farmer like me will see an egg like this from time to time. The egg inside is fine but the shell shows she is going through some hormone imbalances.

That figures. Females.

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Ken said...

The poor hen, imagine how "she" feels.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

Yeah....chickens have feelings too, ya know.

terri said...

Give her some chocolate and some breathing room and she'll be fine.

Peach Pod said...

I think it was a response to your MIL being there!