A Road Trip

I love a good road trip. Last Friday armed with 2 GPS I headed to the Shack from downtown San Francisco.

The rental car was a Hertz and it had a good proprietary GPS installed. I brought my own GPS that I have taken all over the country and St Croix.

As much as I have customized my GPS I got to say the one built in the car was better. It gave live data about traffic and weather and was a bit more insistent when I needed to make turns.

As it turns out the drive was beautiful and I got there about on time. My iPhone pings out a location tracking signal which recorded the drive to and from The Shack.

I love gadgets.

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Rock Chef said...

You love gadgets? Really? We never knew! :-)

Maybe we should start calling you Inspector Gadget!

Ken said...

Ahh, a senic route round the Delta (kinda).

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...or just Gadget, like Gidget, except with an 'a'....

terri said...

You ARE the Gadget King!