16 Chickens and What do you get?

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that my 16 new pullets will out grow their little house well before they are big enough to join the other flock.

Saturday I set out to build a temporary coop made from panels of 3X2X8 s and chicken wire.

Once finished I bolted the panels together and added chickens. 

Now I have 26 hens that will be comingled when they get bigger. Then I’ll break down the coop to use another time. 

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Ken said...

It's nice to see the proper use of chicken wire.

Can you imagine some people have built boats out of it with cement.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I was questioned at Home Depot about my intension and I said "Chickens of course".

They said "good...don't use it on cement".

So some folks use it as re-bar?

Unknown said...

EVERYONE has a chicken coop but me....

Rock Chef said...

We use chicken wire to:

A) keep the rabbits in;
B) stop cats crapping on our plants.

No chickens, sadly.

terri said...

We've used chicken wire around the garden to keep the rabbits OUT!