I had a childhood friend die yesterday. Apparently he didn’t make it up the transplant list fast enough.

We were never very close friends and the last time I saw him was 10 years ago at a class reunion.

But we did share some intense times together in middle school and high school.

He was the son of our town’s police chief so he pushed the envelope in everything he did just to see if dad could get him off. Most of the time dad did.

He led life fully, trust me. He even did a bit of prison time I am told.

To this day his 57 Chevy was the fastest car I have ever been in on a regular street and he was the only person I ever heard of that had a driver’s license in 9th grade.

Oh well, we all will go down this path one day.  Thanks for the memories. 

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Ken said...

Yesiree, "end times", we ALL got one.

You'd think they could stockpile hearts these days, we must have the technology by now, right along with flying cars.