Smart Dog I Guess

It has been documented….Tanner, as in Chief of Poultry security Tanner, can open doors.

We’ve seen him open the back door (if unlocked) from both sides. There is a thumb paddle on the outside and a hand paddle on the inside.

We have a maid that comes every two weeks and she is terrified of Tanner. He decided to let himself in one day and she was mortified.

He simply jumps up and hits the opener a few times and he moves about his business.

He can even open the dog gate and let himself out of the fenced yard.

When he is missing we just go back to the chicken coop to find him. 

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Rock Chef said...

Custard is too dumb for that - Frou Frou IS clever enough but too small to do anything about it!

At least you know where to find him.

Ken said...

Chief of security "should" have access to all areas, I think. Unless he likes raw eggs too much.

My old dog Misty would go open the cooler and pull out a cold Heineken and deliver it to me. The key word was, "bring"

Phfrankie Bondo said...

I lost count of how many times my 2 1/2 year old grandson opened my sliding door this past weekend.