Tight, tan bellies, thick manes of hair, gelatinous breasts, support hose and calf high white socks with orange short shorts are the trademark of Hooters.

One also expects cold beer and good wings.

I ate there tonight and I must say the wings were terrible. What I ordered was a large Miller Lite and ten wings, naked, and medium hot.

What I got was ten very tough, under cooked and very greasy wings that had very little flavor.

The flappers were so tough that I could not separate the parts at the joint. The wings bled whatever oil they were fried in.  

I looked around and the place was packed with single fat losers that ate every bite like it was good so I decided this would be my last trip to Hooters lest I become one of them.

I ate a few and figured I must have consumed 1,000 calories in grease alone and left. 

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Jay said...

Hooters is terrible. I quit going there years ago because the food was so bad. You can find cute waitresses in lots of places.

terri said...

Yuck. You should've asked for your money back.

Ken said...

I have NEVER been to a Hooters and now my slight lustful desire to do so is quenched. Thank You.

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a nightmare! Under-cooked chicken is a pet hate of mine...

MELackey said...

I didn't like Hooters when I was single. Frankly, the food sucks, and none of those girls want me anyway.