The Last Two Days

Sunday was a blast. I agreed to “tailgate” an event for my local dive shop, Diver’s Supply. It was a season kickoff at the quarry and they managed to get maybe 100 folks there with food, beer, and diving.

We had the radios blasting and the food was cooking nonstop from about 10 AM till 4 PM. I had three grills going, one spinning chicken and the rest of the food was brats, hot dogs and beans. Fantastic beans. I added sausage and a few ingredients and a gallon went in no time.  

At the end there was a drawing and Gigi and I won 2 sets of top of the line fins valued at $200 a pair. We were thrilled. $400 worth of fins.

Monday I played golf in a tournament at a new money club up at the lake.  You know the type….fake boobs, blondes, kids, big houses, BMWs and a new country club.

I looked like a hick pulling up in my pickup among the Lexis, Mercedes and such.

I did wear long pants since I knew this would be a more formal golf affair.

It was a nice course but I was glad to get back home to my modest home with dogs and chickens.

Life is good. 

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terri said...

I'm thinking you could open up your own tailgate themed outdoor restaurant. You've got the food all figured out. Sounds delicious and fun!

Congrats on your winnings!

Ken said...

Sounds like you had a great time and winning expensive gear must feel REAL good.

Unknown said...

...MUCH better than winning four hundred one-dollar fins!...