Yet Another Vivid Dream

I had a dream last night where Vincent Price was taking me in a “haunted house” so I was expecting some kind of gimmick.

We walked in a huge foyer and Vincent took off up the stairs on all fours like a charging chimp.

Seconds later he came running down the stairs with a huge rabid raccoon clamped down and thrashing on his chin. He was screaming and bleeding.

That was a bit scary.

NOTE: A ham and cheese sandwich for super and two glasses of wine.  I don’t know what makes my brain think up this shit but it is very entertaining. 

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terri said...

I had a dream that I took up running again and I was out trying to make a go of it while holding Dane Cook's hand. And then he asked me if I thought my sister would go out with him. I was pissed in the dream, but in reality, I've never considered Dane Cook to be someone I wanted to date. Apparently neither Dane nor I were concerned about the fact that I was married, as was my sister.

I figured you'd be proud of me for remembering my dream in such detail ;-)

Rock Chef said...

That is a strange one - I don't think I have ever had dreams involving famous people.

Terri - You remembered a dream! No wonder, that is a really odd one too! So this Dane Cook is into dating sisters? Shouldn't the media be told about this? :-)

Phfrankie Bondo said...

Obviously, Vincent Price represents your inhibited libido, the rabid raccoon is a morbid manifestation of your mother, and the stairs are a chicken coop.

Lose the cheese and everything will be alright.

You're welcome in advance.

Ken said...

You know wReg, dreams are something I happen to be a little afraid of, I don't play loosely with what my mind conjures up on it's own at night. Very scary sometimes!