Morning Briefing

I like to know what is going on and there wasn’t much going on via the Internet last night. I did my morning read in record time.

I use Google Reader to tag articles and content of interest from the NFL to technology to local news, Virgin Island News, Business News, earthquakes, blogs, and a few keywords on Craig’s List.

Yes I follow earthquakes. There are about 100 each evening and mostly the same places along the ring of fire Pacific Plate and the Caribbean Plate.  

Then I read The Wall Street Journal online and finally go over to Twitter for a few folks I follow there.

Finally I glance over Facebook and maybe make a few comments. I get a lot of St Croix updates from Facebook.

So when I’ve read all of that I usually put in a blog post with the second cup of coffee. Now the world has communicated to me and I have communicated to the world.

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Ken said...

Wall Street Journal? Are they all short articles with pictures?

Unknown said...

Did you notice any albino moose on the Internets?