The Dirt Trawler

Last week I got my land trawler back (5th wheel RV) from the RV repair shop in Indian Trail, NC. I had a lot of neglected repairs from the past summer and fall fixed and had a super duty 12 volt converter installed after two converter failures.

The last converter went out over Christmas and that took out the heater. My poor sister in law and nephew near froze to death.  The heater relied on the converter to operate.

Then I had all the systems in the RV checked and pressure tested water and propane. A leak was found in each.

At the end of the week I had the exterior professionally washed and the rubber roof conditioned.

Finally I bought an ice maker for the RV. It is counter top model and puts out 33 pounds of ICE a day. Good bye to buying expensive bag ice at the campground. Hello new tailgate addition.

Hopefully I can get the old tube TV in the living room out soon and install the flat panel in its place. This alone will save a lot of weight and upgrade the TV experience. Plus it will leave a cavity in the wall that can be used for storage.

I am so ready to camp at the coast or lake.  All I need to do is give the interior a good cleaning and we are ready to roll. 

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terri said...

You are all set for camping at its finest!