150 Days

To Saint Croix. This is the mental apogee of the year when I only go once a year. Now I am slowly falling back to the island I love and the velocity will only increase.

I need to get fit again. I struggle in the mornings with pain until I get really moving and take a few over the counter pain meds. I want to be pain free as possible before I get there and I need to build up the core muscles.

I can only assume that after 4 1/2 month since surgery that pain is going to be a regular visitor. Don't get me wrong...I am 75% better than I was before surgery...I just don't much care for the gentle and constant reminder in the last 25%.


Unknown said...

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea....

Ken said...

Now, to stay on a fluffy happy note about my experience, beginning with my dads back surgery and with all the people in my life that have HAD back surgery......I pray, wish upon a fluffy star, hope with conviction and want you to recover 100% in due course.......they say, time heals all wounds.
Fingers crossed Bud!