This Day

I like Labor Day. Several labor days I traveled down to St Croix to dive. The past few years I haven't done so.

My father died on this day 31 years ago. He had been dead longer than I knew him. Strange how life is.

This is the time of year when southern gentlemen take their frozen deer out of the freezer, wrap it in some tasty food like bacon, and consume because they'll be killing another soon. I never did develop a taste for venison or a passion for hunting but I get it.

Today i'll head to the quarry for a couple of leisure dives. My diving usually abruptly stops now to be resumed on the new season next February. Today will be dive 123 and 124.


Unknown said...

Venison can be gamey if not dressed out properly after kill (musk glands).

I am quite fond of antler velvet quiche.

terri said...

I'm glad my guys don't hunt deer. I'm not a fan of venison either. They get plenty of ducks though, and we all enjoy those.

Ken said...

I grew up eating venison. Mom boiled the whole skull too, so we could enjoy brain, eye and tongue. It was great growing up with a Sicilian mom.