Control Freak

Smoking is a little more demanding of equipment and conditions. I noticed that smoke was escaping ever so slightly from the top seam and the firebox seam. This causes infiltrating air to burn fuel at a rate that may not be desired. Ideally BBQ smoking should be at a constant 225 degrees. Extra air raises that temperature.

It became very apparent of extra air flow during my first tailgate of the year when I closed all the dampers, yet enough air was available to keep the fire smoldering. It should have gone out in my humble opinion. Apparently others had this same problem.

They sell kit of high temperature felt and adhesive to block such annoyances. This smoker should now be damn near air tight and under my strict air flow control.


Unknown said...

If you want, I will crawl in there and smoke a few butts to test it.

For fifty bucks, of course.

Ken said...

Phfrankie, maybe he paid fifty bucks for the air flow reduction fabric.