Mac Mini Surgery

Last week I ordered a solid state hard drive for my 2 year old Mac Mini. A Mac Mini is a compact little computer mad by Apple that is about 2 inches thick and has the foot print of a square coffee saucer. However it has the muscle of any big PC desktop.

Here are the tools and hard drive. The drive has no moving parts, it is faster and will last longer. This is a 125 GB drive and it cost $130.

Here are some of the guts. You can see it is about half the size of a piece of paper.

I laid out parts in order so I could find them in reverse order when I put it back together.

Here is is completely disassembled with the silver case to the left. There was just enough room to fit this second drive in this tight place. The connections and screw were tiny. I needed glasses and a magnifier to see some of these connections.

The results are a faster and more durable computer.

Funny how I can tear one of these down and put it back together, but would freak out over a combustion engine.