Traveling Notes

I'm in Austin, TX on business. I am the only American I know who is not beholding or in awe of Texas. It is hot and flat. They have the Dallas Cowboys. It is humid. They don't make good wine here. Their ladies aren't as pretty as my NC ladies.

But the do make a nice looking Bloody Mary.

And yesterday, at the encouragement of one Phfrankie Bondo, I set up the IOS 7 download and drifted off to bed about 9PM.

I awoke to find that Santa did indeed come and left me with all the goodness of a basket of fresh Apples.

My new operating system!


Unknown said...

No panorama for me.

terri said...

I got a new iPhone on Monday and downloaded the new iOS last night. I like it so far, but my kids tell me the battery drains a lot faster than before, so you have to turn off some of the new options if you want to preserve it.