Strange day. I have spent the last 3 work days screaming at the idiots that make my business happen. Get this...I pay them to help me yet they put out obstacles to prove their worth. I was so pissed last night that I woke up a few hours and was fuming.

I cleaned number 3 this evening with oven cleaner in an annual rite of football. Damn these webers hold up well. It looks new and this one is 6 plus years old.

I met Gigi at the grocery store this afternoon and while we were in line the power went out. They gave us our groceries. Cool. I wish I had beer and wine in the basket.


Ken said...

I wish I could spend my days screaming at the idiots who won't buy my house.

terri said...

Work stuff has sometimes had me so angry that I couldn't sleep, or woke up fuming. You seem to balance out the stress nicely with the things that you enjoy in life. Nice looking grill you got there!