It's Not Just About The Bling

I couldn't resist a spar urethane topping to this. It ain't a Kenny boat job, but some light grit sanding between coats should yield a nice bar top finish.

I need to work my way on the sides too. It should help preserve the untreated wood and look damn good on Sunday mornings.

It was suggested that we hire a midget in a wheelchair to act as a bar tender. I don't think I can say that on the public Internets but that would be cool.

I could see this hitch being a problem with folks mingling and drinking at a tailgate. I just knew this was a busted shin waiting to happen. I painted it red so folks could avoid it.

Last Sunday I took one for the team and burned my calf. I walked right into the side of the smoker. I'll survive.

A week from Sunday will be the New York Giants. Foot long hotdogs baby!


Ken said...

sand with 220 between 4 coats and it'll blow everybody's mind...but not mine, that'll take at least 6 coats min.

Unknown said...

I want my mind to be blown like Kinny's.

That being said, I personally would just rub it with linseed oil every season.

Having said that,I would seriously consider taking an expired (or new) basketball or soccer ball and cutting an X in it so it would fit over the hitch, thereby completely and positively removing the chance of someone kissing it with their shin. Cheap insurance.

Having said that, I want a foot long hotdog (on a 10" bun) right now.

Unknown said...

Excellent blogging, sir.