Game One Results

We lost, however it was a defensive battle to the end. I was entertained.

It was hot.

Enough with the bad.

Theoretically I have postulated that I could cook 20 pounds of wings in one session but it had never been done. My computer models insisted it could be done so I tried it. 20 pounds (about 300) cooked in my smoker on a three level modification. All but 16 were consumed and Lord they were good.

The BBQ was off the hook good. I did about 20 pounds and maybe a pint was left.

The chuck wagon was great and a well received novelty. Soon everyone knew where the bottle opener was. It was a place to hang out with the opposing bars.

I threw a few of my home made sausages on the grill and they were fantastic.

Good times.


Ken said...

Ahhhh, the bottle opener!

It must be like the water cooler at the office. The talk around the opener is....

Now if you subtract 16 from 300 you got 284 wings and if 70 people were feeding at your chuck wagon this day...."seventy"..... that means they each had 3.54 wings. That's one thing.....

...but what I want to know is how many bottle caps were tore and bent at the new wReggie Chuck Wagon bottle opener?

Unknown said...

Thanks Reggie, everything was great pleasenostnpic of flag. Sent you more pictures. 2. Weeks till giants.