Sunday Game One

I literally busted my ass today getting ready for Game One. I have no idea how many are going to show. My last head count was about 40, but it could be more. We have enough food. I love this shit.

The chuck wagon is loaded, the wings are seasoned, BBQ is slow cooking and I am about to fall out at 7PM. I am so tired and have yet to have built up my stamina after my surgery.

At some point in the night, I'll transfer the Boston Butts and wrap them in foil to a 200 degree oven to rest until the morning. They will fall apart and strands of steaming hickory smoked goodness will spill forth, fit for a God. Man that is good eating.

Gigi is making her banana pudding that is serious good.


Ken said...

It sounds very mouth wateringly advantageous to be your good friend come tailgate season. How about I bring chips and dip?

Unknown said...

Will there be key lime pie?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

There might be a key lime pie. Mamma tree eggs are the best. And a bachelor or someone lacking social skills may even bring chips and dip.