Just When I think I Have Peaked in Life

I do another BRILLIANT thing!

Check it out...a few soon to be stained 2X4s, and the front and rear tailgates now become table tops for the bar. They fit like a glove.

I already had the nice wood top from an old project and now I have this thing covered.

Just pull up a bar stool and chow time.

My brain is like the sun....I just can't shut it down.


Unknown said...

You have now surpassed Al Gore. All he did was invent the Internet.

Ken said...

So that means brains are....yellow?

terri said...

You poor man. You really gotta work on boosting your sense of self-esteem! ;-)

Seriously, though, I am always impressed at the way you look at ordinary things and see something more in them. And you have a great ability to transform them into the things you see. This is really genius. You could market this concept. People would buy this!