The New Normal

Headed to the airport where I'll squat over a mirror and cough to prove to the feds that I'm okay to fly.

Meanwhile, on any given military base, a confirmed crazy person (or Muslim extremist, the same thing) with a top level security clearance, is plotting the next mass murder.

I'll wade through town amongst the gang bangers and honey boo-boos of the world and grab breakfast.

Then, on the way to the airport I'll listen to the overnight police blotter on the local news radio station.

Did a civilian murder someone, or was it a cop?

I could use a puff of optimism.


Rock Chef said...

Hard to find, sometimes, but I truly believe that the next generation does have a healthy dose of good kids, alongside the bad. I just hope they are given the chance to prove themselves.

Unknown said...

iOS 7 today!!!

Ken said...

Crazy people everywhere....even Midland.

We had the same kind of crazy here not to long ago, just walked into the yard, badge shining, and shot a man in his front yard.

Just plain old normal, I think.