An Amazing Discovery

I have made an amazing discovery that has helped me endure our first snap of cold weather. Here is the secret; if I wear enough clothes I don’t get cold.

This may sound like common sense for most of you but for a guy who has lived his whole life in denial of winter this came as a welcomed discovery.

No longer am I dashing out to the car to get my cell phone in shorts and flip flops when it is 30 degrees outside. I now take the time to put on a thick coat, proper shoes and like magic I stay warm.

I really hate the bulkiness of winter clothing. Thick shirts tucked into heavy jeans all covered with a heavy coat. Hell I won’t know if I gained weight this winter until spring.

And when I shower now I feel so naked…. Like a picked chicken. But I am staying warm.


Judy said...

I think winter clothes feel so cozy. I prefer not to need them but when I do I like the feel of them. I love a nice fluffy down comforter too. I miss it when I no longer need it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I prefer hot sticky skin that smells like sun screen with a slight overtone of human smell.

I am making the best of it and trying to be a warm cozy person.

How do you stay up at night to any decent hour?

By 5:30 it is pitch dark, cold and I am in a Panthers sweat shirt and pajamas bottoms with a glass of wine.

I have to do jumping jacks to stay up for the national news at 6:30.

I gave up even trying to make it to Monday Night Football last night.

Ali said...

Oh man - all right - next time it's really cold here, I'm going to take a picture of me before I head out - in my boots that are made for -40, my parka, toque, scarf, and leather mitts, PLUS the fact that I'm wearing long johns and a thermal shirt under my regular clothes (I won't show you that part, you'll just have to trust me) - then we'll compare notes :)
After having all those clothes on, I have no problem stripping down...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It must be like living on some Jovian moon. 30 with a breeze and I am in full lockdown sans the long johns.

I have long underwear but wait until teens with a breeze.

I may visit your planet one day in the winter.

Judy said...

I am with you on the having touble staying awake.

terri said...

I prefer shorts and flip flops too, but find that I'm much less miserable in the winter when I wear plenty of layers.