Have I made Myself Clear?

I despise the hideous pointed witch shoes women wear now.  They are butt ugly on any woman and remind me of the wicked witch of the west on the Wizard of Oz.

Pointy shoes are the stirrup pants of our time. I look up to the heavens daily hoping that they will go out of style but I keep seeing women wear them.

I did notice a woman wearing a pair last week that exposed a bit of toe cleavage which is hot, but the shoes spoiled it all. She hobbled off like a cripple and got on the elevator.

I’ll stand by this opinion and will tell you your shoes are ugly as Ned’s Ass if you walk up to me with some of those pointy ugly ass things on your feet.

I bought a casual pair of men’s shoes on Ebay yesterday and was describing them to Gigi when she made all these ugly faces.

“Those sound like Jim Murray shoes”, as she describes any comfortable homely men’s shoes like our retired 80 something former pastor Jim Murray might wear.

“They aren’t ugly”, I implored.   

How the hell would anyone know what a good looking shoe would look like if they wear witch shoes? 


Unknown said...

I am with you on this one! Those things are horrid looking.

And pretty much every time I have been around a woman who is wearing them she complains about how uncomfortable they are. Like she woke up that morning and someone put a gun to her head and made her wear them.

Cripes, I wear slip on sneakers everyday strictly for comfort. That would be like me putting rocks in them so I hobble around all day.

Here is a tip for ya lady, if they are not comfortable, DON'T WEAR THEM!

Judy said...

I 100% agree with you. I can not and will not wear them. I hate how they look and they are painful.

MELackey said...

we call them "corner roach killers" because yuo could step on a roach in the corner while wearing those shoes. I agree, they are ugly.

Ken said...

They sound like what we used to call..Chainlink Fence Climbers

TerryC said...

Oh yeah! Every time I see some woman wearing crap like that I tell Michael how ugly they are and we discuss how stupid she is.

Really, ladies, it's just plain dumb to wear shit like that. It gives the rest of us a bad name.

Kuckie said...

I don't wear those either. I refuse. I see too many women in my practice with jacked-up feet and hips and low backs...I guess it's true what they say...women are slaves to fashion!

TerryC said...

Oh, was this about YOUR new shoes?

"Stirrup pants" are comfy and not to be even used in the same sentence with pointy-toed witch shoes.

I'm sure your shoes are just fine as long as they are sensible and comfy.

But flip-flops are always better.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Stirrup pants are ugly and flatter no one.

terri said...

Thank you! I hate those things! Why on earth would we want our feet to look longer than they already are?

And you know what else? Those Ugg boots that look like something people in the Himalayas would wear to keep warm. Those things are hideous.

Ali said...

Okay, hang on - are what you're calling "hideous pointed witch shoes" just regular old high heels? Like without a rounded toe?

Because I love me some high heels. The higher the better...though I do agree that some of the points are getting a bit vicious these days.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I love high heels too. Hell I like stripper shoes from what I am told about such things. I think I made that clear when I mentioned toe cleavage. I love women’s feet.

It is the pointy shoes that look like someone just inserted a cloven hoof that bums me out.

Toes shouldn’t be pointy. It reminds me of Gigi's late grandmother’s feet when I see those pointed long toed ugly ass shoes.

Chris said...

One of my favorite cousins is named Jim Murray.
That's ok, you didn't know. :)

Ali said...

I need pictures - I'm concerned about the point on some of my heels now. Is there a certain degree of point that is acceptable?

TerryC said...

What? Bell-bottoms are more flattering than stirrup pants?

What style of pants would a man like you have women wear?

Oh! Now I get it! Women aren't supposed to wear pants at all.....

We'll just walk around in fish-net stockings with short-shorts. Would that make you happy?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Stirrup pants are the bottom feeders of britches. They look as good as a guy wearing sweat pants.

Just how I feel.

I hated disco too and had to deal with it for decades.

The problem with stirrups is they were usually worn in winter. On the top a woman would have heavy clothing. The result is she would look like a chicken.

This isn't a good look.

Second it makes a woman look like the mascot for the NBA Hornets. Go ahead and do a Google image on Hugo the Hornet.

You really want to look like Hugo the Hornet then add some sneakers.

I tell you what. I'll put on some shorts with black knee high dress socks and wing tip shoes and see how you like it.

Stirrup pants are wrong I say.

Alyssa said...

Zig HATES those shoes. I'm not a big fan, but they're so trendy, I feel like I should own a pair. Zig always talks me out of it - he's with you on this one. Also, my feet are pretty wide, so I'd have to get extra long pointy-toe-shoes, which I imagine is even LESS sexy than regular pointy-toe-shoes. Still, a part of me feels jealous when I see a woman in a pair of stylish, pointy-toe shoes, even if she IS limping.