One for my Father

I stood this morning in the presence of one of my father’s hero’s. Maybe a hero is too strong but my dad had strong admiration for this man and knew all about him and his family.

I can’t say I have heroes.  I would love to have dinner or play golf with any president past, present, or incoming especially Bill Clinton. Same goes for Tiger Woods or Bret Favre. These people are interesting to me and I would like a shot at seeing what makes them tick.

I was in the Harris Teeter grocery store this morning when I passed this very big man stooped down picking up a bag of flour. I recognized him and turned back and said, “Are you Mike?”

He stood up and his 7 foot presence towered over me like a grizzly next to a small black bear.

“Yes I am”, he said.

I smiled and put out my hand and he shook it. I told him my father lived and breathed Duke Basketball when he played.

He smiled and thanked me and I walked toward the checkout.

For a moment I became emotional thinking about my dad and how he would have liked to meet Mike Gminski.

He is a nice guy dad. 


Chris said...

If I could golf a round with anyone-live or dead, it would be John Elway, Charleton Heston, and Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones. Oh yeah, Johnny Ramone too.