From a St Croix jobs listing:

Tip for Food/Drink Service: People who plan to work in food/drink service need health cards. Health cards are issued at the Community Health Clinic. On St. Thomas the clinic is located in the Roy Schneider Hospital, second floor. The cost is  around $46.60. Requirements are a photo ID, pictures, a social security card and you are required to take a stool test. 

Is there study material for this test?

Should I bring a turd or produce one while I'm there to prove it is mine. 

I have to show them a turd to serve food...did I hear that right? 


terri said...

And you have to pay them to test it? I hope food service jobs pay well there.

Ken said...

What a dog shit deal.
I know you've been snooping around the internets looking for your dream job down island, but something tells me you should be searching higher than the food and serivice industry.

Michael said...

Actually, you have to take the turd to a lab and pay to have it tested, then bring the results in to the Dept. of Health and pay them again, to take the results and give you the health card.

terri, as massage therapists we have to do this too, only they charge us an extra $6.00 dollars for the health card, apparently because "massage therapist" is more difficult to spell than "food handler". The first two years they started making a distinction, my card read "massage theropist" then "massage theripist", respectively.

In the past, the $30 charge for the card, at the DOH, included a TB test. Then they ran out of the TB testing kits and stopped doing that, but the charge remained the same (until they increased it $6.00 for massage therapists).

The latest development is a requirement that we be nationally certified. They refused to issue our health card (which is a requirement to renew our licenses next year) because we don't support the private National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Terry and I have been licensed massage therapists in the Virgin Islands for 11 and 10 years respectively, but suddenly we're not "healthy" enough to continue our practice because we haven't been "certified" by some private political organization in the States. [/end rant]

Bottom line Micky, if you want to work in any field in the islands, or even retire here, expect to endure some inexplicable bureaucratic nonsense.