I'm Not Sure How To Title This

Yesterday was a full day. I drove down early in a driving rain to the coast to get my RV. Now was as good of time as any to retrieve the RV since the rent would be due in a week.  

What I was prepared for was a cold drizzle but when I got there it was a pelting cold rain. I had a lot of outdoor work to do. In 30 minutes I was soaked to the bone remembering Gigi instructing me before I left to take heavier rain gear.   

In an hour I was sweeping off the roof feeling like a rigger in the North Sea capping an oil well in a gale storm.

I got home safely had a few warming glasses of wine and watched Cops. Then off to bed where I had this very strange and disturbing dream.

I dreamed Gigi had this gigantic scrotum and testicles surgically implanted and she was so proud. She explained it was fashionable now for women to have balls and these were acceptable and commonplace like body piercings and tattoos.  

They didn’t do a thing for me. I asked if they could be removed and she said, “Yes, but why would you?”


Chris said...

I never thought of my testicles as a fashion accessory before....

Were they implanted in the same area, or were they out in the open for everyone to admire like a new version of a pearl necklace?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Same area....but they were much bigger than mine.