It Really Is Friday

It is a cold drizzly foggy morning here in NC. I was sleeping my ass off with the knowledge it was Saturday and I could lie here all day if I wanted too.

“Honey get up. It’s Friday”, Gigi said.

“Nope, it’s an Evelyn Wilson day.”

“Sorry honey it’s Friday’.

And so it was. I got up and wandered toward the hall stepping over mounds of sleeping dogs to flip on the hall light. POP!

The damn hall light bulb blew. That light bulb has been working for 20 years. No kidding it has not been changed for as long as we have lived here.

I was particularly excited to make coffee this morning because I couldn’t have any yesterday. Wednesday afternoon I did like a lot of folks are doing and had my teeth whitened.

As I was leaving they said, “Now Mr. Wreggie, you cannot have red wine, coffee or beets for the next 24 hours or you risk staining your teeth”.

I felt certain that I could avoid the beets but the other two were some of my favorite things.

I ended up getting a Diet Sun Drop yesterday to give me the needed caffeine.

Well, I guess it really is Friday. I better get to work.  


Stacy said...

My thing is diet dr pepper. I thought I was not going to make it when the dr told me I couldn't have any for a whole day.

TerryC said...

"....sleeping my ass off...."

LOL! Your ass shouldn't go away when you're sleeping, silly. Usually people "work their asses off".

But if you'd have said you were doing that, I would have laughed my ass off... ;-) .

terri said...

What's an Evelyn Wilson day?

I never wake up during the week thinking it's the weekend, but I always wake up on the weekend thinking I slept through my alarm and will be late for work.

Michael said...

terri -

Wreggie used to link to the Evelyn Wilson Day Explanation page whenever he refered to it in past posts, but he's slacking in his old age, so I guess I'll have to do it for him.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You're a good man Michael.

I thought it was a common term now like Ned's Ass, Cooter Brown, Shit Fire and Apple Butter, etc.