Sore Boobs, Buckwheat, and Horses

Wow, what a difference a week makes. I am back in my usual good mood except for having very sore arm and chest muscles.

I have continued my “strenuous for Wreggie” workouts which include upper body stuff.

I have had fun fiddling with my GPS but did run into trouble when my maps wouldn’t load. I ended up calling tech support and he was most helpful getting my GPS back on track. In order to expedite the repair he logged on my computer remotely and started fixing the GPS from Kansas City with my permission.

I only tell you this because of what happed next. The man was African American and when he was looking for files he inadvertently opened a file containing this picture I had of Buckwheat. I was mortified and didn’t say a word. He just closed the file.    

I have been trying to load points of interest in St Croix into the GPS with proximity alerts but can’t get the alerts to load. The alerts are not necessary but I thought it would be cool to have a warning pop up when I passed the Pickled Greek or something like that. Anything for a laugh I suppose and I’ll learn something to boot.

And finally the horses; we are supposed to send them off today for a month of training to make them so we can actually ride them. Up to now they were just pasture ornaments that consumed resources.  Soon I will be able to break my neck on one. I care nothing about riding a horse and am even frightened of the damn things. But, I promised Gigi I would ride with her from time to time. 


terri said...

Horses scare me too. Anything that big can't be trusted. I rode one once. He tried to dump me off in a creek that we crossed but I wouldn't let him. Ended up straining my back trying to stay in the saddle. I haven't ridden since.

Michael said...

We're hanging on the edge of our seats here - What was Buckwheat doing on your computer in the first place? And why would the guy stumble upon him while working on GPS stuff?

Ken said...

A man having sore boobs makes me a little nervous, way more so than horses.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Buckwheat was in a “Blog” folder that is stored on my desktop. Inside the folder I keep old photos I’ve used before and some I have collected for possible use. In addition I have a few word files where I write content.

The folder was open when he inadvertently clicked the Buckwheat file.

Gigi and I have a saying that we are Buckwheat rich when we think we might get a big windfall. We’ve even developed a verb “Buckwheating” when I buy a lottery ticket and we talk about what we will do with all our winnings.

This stems from an old Little Rascals episode where the rich kid tricked Buckwheat, Alfalfa and Spanky into digging a hole for a tree on the pretense there was buried treasure. Each one daydreamed about what they would do with the money.

Buckwheat was the most extravagant in his daydreams with a fur coat riding in the back of a black convertible with children yelling his name in admiration while he tossed them coins, candy and chicken.

I think I sent Gigi the file once via email and told I bought a lottery ticket.

That is why I had a picture of Buckwheat in my PC. I rarely delete files.

Michael said...

... a likely story.

WTF just happened to your blog? I was trying to get back to your blog "homepage" from the comment page and it kept giving me a "server not found" error for, but your blog homepage is

You weren't trying to slip your blog over to wordpress while no-one was looking were you?

Come on, man, you know you have to consult me before you do these things. Gotta make sure you have everything migrated, up and running on the new domain before changing DNS nameservers and stuff and leaving your blog in limbo.

BTW, does have an easy migration method for blogspot blogs, but early implementations apparently gave trouble to blogs with many existing posts and comments. Not sure on current status.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh it's been a struggle Michael. I'm not as smart as I look.

I have the domain reserved for my blog and I attempted to get it hooked up to blogger. It about half assed as the images aren't all showing up.

I may have to go back to a blogger template.

I thought you turned your back on me about Wordpress and Macs so I abandoned the project.

Ken said...

I want a Buckwheat file too.

You seem to have left the blogosphere today. Still playing huh?

Michael said...

I would never turn my back on you... I might have a little fun at your expense, but what are friends for anyway? I'm always willing to try to help.

My brother and his bride are on island this week, so I didn't have as much time as I might have to research your question. I should have a little more this week.

Ali said...

I love horseback riding! That's it, I'm coming down there...

Ali said...

Oh, and I'm sorry about the boobs :)

TerryC said...

Gosh, what a title! One would think you had PMS or menopausal symptoms.

Love the Buckwheat story (too funny!!)!!

Horseback riding - cool. Scary, but if that's what they're needing to do, good on all a' you! And it'll help you stay slim knowing that you wouldn't want a fat dude on one of Gigi's horses. (Let's see.....some more push-ups....)