A Friday that Feels Like Saturday

Today it is warm in the upper 50’s and I’ve been out mending fences for the return of our two horses.

I figured the electric fence better be hot just in case they want to test the boundaries. The electric fence hasn’t been hot for maybe a year but the horses thought it was hot so they stayed back. Honestly I could have put up string and they would have stayed clear.

I’ve been hit a few times by this electric fence and thought lightning was going to come arching from my nipples. It will sure get your attention.

So while walking the line I found maybe a dozen breaks, 8 shorts and around 100 yards of vines and undergrowth that led to the demise of the fence. It’s all cleared and repaired except for a small area that I’ll fix after lunch.

Tomorrow I am going to drive down to Southport and bring home the RV for the winter. There is no need to pay rent if we aren’t going to be there. We are questioning whether we used it enough anyway to justify the cost. Plus it kept us from being able to go anywhere else having the RV parked so far away.

So tomorrow will be a long day and about 500 miles.

Then Sunday at midday promises 40 degrees and rain as I pick up the horses and bring them home hopefully well trained.

I saw Gigi riding Sassy last Sunday and the horse would barely move. Sassy has always hated being a horse. I hate riding a horse so Sassy and I will get along just fine.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... arching nipples. Man, that's powerful.


terri said...

It really intrigues me that Sassy hates being a horse. I've always thought horses had it pretty good. They're almost a revered animal. I wonder if she'd rather be a human?

Ken said...

Desparado, you been out riding fences for so long now.

Ali said...

"Sassy has always hated being a horse."


Oh man, I am dying over here! Too funny. Ah Reggie, you kill me sometimes :)

Chris said...

I had one bad experience while horse riding. It involved a bi-polar horse, a barbed wire fence, and my innocent little 14 year old legs being shredded by that said fence.

Damn Kentucky horses..

P.S. So, I'm kind of excited about making it for that Broncos game! Where are your seats? I have to research the team/Stadium a little.
I have to laugh though, at "Sir Purr". I want that on a jersey. Ha ha!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Section 313 row 9 on the visitors and sunny side. We always stay warm there.

It's about the 32 yard line on the second level. Real men sit on the upper level.

Sir Purr is weak.

I am going to have to write a post about Sassy hating the life of a horse.