Good Morning Ya'll

I woke up around 4 AM with indigestion all to be damn. What could be wrong I thought?

Let’s see, I was sick as hell two days ago. Gigi is sick with the same thing so I had no formal supper last night.

What did I have…oh yes a few slices of cheese, a sardine, a cupcake, a few cheez-its and some wine.

Hmmmm…ya think that could have done it?

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all.

Let me suggest a good read and Thanksgiving story that starts on the blog of my regular read Micky T and continues on yet another blog. It reminds me of the same times in the 1970’s when I was their age. 


TerryC said...


So, let's see, you were sick on Monday, your anniversary, two days after you had dinner at Judy's?

Was anybody there sick? And now you've given it to Gigi? For Thanksgiving.

Hmmm. You guys sure have funny ways to celebrate your special days ;-) .

terri said...

Morning! Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry you guys are feeling under the weather. Hope it passes soon!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Turns out a lot of people I came in contact with were sick before or after.

It is a quick sick lasting about 36 hours.

Ken said...

We got sickness here too, Bic got a head cold to beat the band, and my shoulder is still ailing enough to keep my whine meter running double digits.

How the hell do you eat, one sardine?
I think we might of had a few cans of those at Fort Yea.

You're still our age Wreggie. Ha!

Jay said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks Jay.

They were these fancy sardines as big as a small perch. I gave the rest to my Father in Law. It took him 20 minutes to finish them off.

I though how stupid my comment about age was when I wrote it.