Is the Honey Moon Over?

Me and my GPS haven’t been getting along. The honeymoon may be over.

At first it was Gigi that was yelling at the female voice on my GPS, “Shit up bitch!” she said.

You know how it can be when you get two bossy head strong women in the same room.

I changed the voice to a male and Gigi was happy.

Then I started using my own routes to places I go frequently instead of the routes my GPS suggested. My GPS would warm me to “TURN RIGHT NOW!”  I would refuse and go my own way.  Under his breath I could hear……”recalculating” in a disgusted sounding computer voice.  

Tuesday the GPS had its chance to get back and it did. I was in downtown Charlotte going somewhere I knew not but had the address. I was at the mercy of my GPS when suddenly it said “TURN RIGHT ON STONEWALL….TURN NOW”.

The command was too sudden for me to react and suddenly I was on the inner belt freeway zooming from my destination.

The GPS took a big long satisfying breathe and said,”Recalculating”.   After all he had successfully thrown me off course by about 2 miles until I could turn around at the next exit.

I’ll listen better next time Mr. GPS. I promise. 


Judy said...

I have have made wrong turns that the GPS didn't have in it's software and the screen went blank and it no longer talks. Scared me so I went back to where I went wrong. Also one time it told me to turn left and there was no place at all to make a turn. I think the roads had been changed.
I never use mine unless I am going somewhere I need assistance. I didn't know you could change voices on them.

terri said...

I can totally picture Gigi yelling "Shut up bitch!" Cracks me up.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Judy, you can download new maps and upgrade your GPS for free at least I know this if it's a Garmin.

Remind me at Thanksgiving and I'll see if I can get you updated with the new streets.

Terri....she can be bossy.

Ken said...

I think you should give him/her a slap up the side of it's cursor.
Show it who's boss.

Jahooni said...

okay, see this is exactly why i left,my blog sucks! it is old school. yours is cool. love the layout. love your new shiny smile.
thanks for chatting today.

GPS- great personal stamina, right?

Jay said...

Is your GPS named HAL?

Stacy said...

I have gps on my phone and it's a female voice.

I hate her.