A Contest!!

Have you ever noticed in a tank of goldfish when one of them dies the others just pick away at the body…eyeballs first?

And so it is that I am floating on top of the blogger tank this morning trying to sort out a new template for my blog after migrating the URL to www.weggie.com or simply wreggie.com should work too.

But what happed yesterday was that my site was down (I pick Sunday because it is a slow traffic day) most of the day and when it came back up many of the elements were missing.

So I reverted back to the old template and here I am again in worse shape than I was except the URL works.

So I announce a contest! Please submit to me a desired blogger template that has my theme and is compatible with blogger and you shall win the contest along with some neat prizes. This contest is open to the world and void where prohibited.

Micky T put it so eloquently to me the other day about my blog. It is about, “St. Croix vacations, red jeeps, fun little boats with motors, camping with dogs, dog shit, are all things I have come to associate with this blog.”

Really neat prizes ya’ll plus the knowledge and comfort knowing you help a fellow blogger.  

The time limit will be held to the first five submitted. You can simply point me to a desired to the url of the design template that qualifies or design one yourself. It must be in a downloadable xml format to import to blogger.


Michael said...

I found several templates that I like, but when I studied them further, they just didn't seem right for you. Maybe it's just some innate resistance to change, but I like your original template best (the one you went back to when you posted this contest, with black background and Carambola photo header).

I like the couple of new elements you have, like "reactions" at the bottom of each post, and the "following" widget in the sidebar, even though no one else is using them yet (or maybe because no one else is, so I always show up in the following section). I do miss the photo slide show you had going at the top of the page for a while. What other elements did you have, or want, that are missing?

My submission can be found at www.wreggie.com. But I volunteer to help figure out how to include the elements you want that are now gone. I assume this template is in the new XML style, and changing to that is what caused all this template changing angst?

Michael said...

PS If you stick with this, or any other black background template, you'll need to change your WREGGIE signature.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

We judges on the "Mental Vacation" staff will take this under advisement.

TerryC said...

Sorry I can't be more helpful in the "blog template" department. (aside...what are the prizes though, I might be able to pull some BS together...)

I do enjoy your new thingie with the quick and easy, check this box option.

I like your original theme with the STX pix (of course) and it seems like you can put all the other stuff like the slide show and quick picks on that one.

So, why mess with what works?

People have loved your blog just the way it's been. With occasional new pictures of you and Gigi and the dogs and horses and Boscoe and Buckwheat and all your STX friends too numerous to mention and.....

Michael said...

If no one else submits anything, I'm going to start listing my runner-up choices.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes. Load the hopper Michael.

Ali said...

Alright, I've been back here several times, trying to decide what I could suggest, or what I could look for...but to tell you the truth, I like the original one best too!

Besides, I'm like the least technical girl EVER (you may have noticed that from the fact that I've never changed anything on my own blog), so anything I would try to suggest would be total bull.

Kinda like this:
Well Wreggie, for the purposes of a more esthetically friendly blog, I would change your html to include a trib widget, thus creating a softer overall look to the banner. As for the blog body, I would probably try to add some small flourishes with the use of javascript...maybe using a subversion of HTML 4.01 - this could cause some delays while using your browser, but the end result will be worth the detriment to your interface.

Yeah, see? Total BS.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes BS...but that was good Ali.

You could write Chinese manuals on how to assemble furniture.

Michael said...

Well, in the spirit of this election season, I should probably take the rest of your advice - I've already voted early, I might as well do it often.

Judy said...

I like the original set up the best too.
I like the reation thing there by the comments.

Judy said...

I keep misspelling words in my comments and then worry about Ali seeing them. I know how she hates that!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'm scared of Ali too.

Ali said...

Oh crappity.

I knew I never should have said anything about spelling.

And why are you SCARED of me?!?!


Michael said...

Cause he can't spell worth ... and his spill cheek often malfunctions as well.

Ali said...

LOL - well his spelling might not be so hot, but I'm in another country, and I'm just a little bitty girl! :)

Stacy said...

oooo a contest. I must work on this. I want free neat prizes. lol