Chickens in the Spotlight

What a screwy unpredictable week it was. On again, off again jury duty consumed my time.

Gigi and I had a fantastic supper last night. I sprung for a big bag of crab legs and one of those cuts of beef that charges $16.99 a pound. I roasted corn on the grill and baked a few potatoes and picked up a fresh loaf of sour bread. It was a meal meant for butter.

All washed down with a great, cheap bottle of wine. It amazes me how good a bottle of Gallo cab can be for the price. Leave it to a woman to make a good cheap wine.

I’ve been taking advantage of the local abundance in produce. Peaches are at a peak now and they are very cheap. If they go bad I toss them to the chickens. Same for corn. These chickens will eat most anything. Tanner and I enjoy watching them eat.

Time is wasting now even though it is very hot here I know that winter approaches and I need to get a chicken coop built. I think I’ll build an 8 by 8 coop with a window and a few nesting boxes. It will have a few catwalks and a chicken door to the fenced area and a door I can use to get in and clean. Then rig a heat light with thermostat and a regular light with a timer so the chickens get faked out about daylight. This helps them to lay.

Then I’ll paint the coop the Caribbean colors I used on my steps.


terri said...

Mmmm... what a fantastic meal!

It always amazes me how much thought you put into a project before it even begins. Your chickens will be well protected this winter.

Red Hot Mama Sauces said...

Looking forward to seeing the Caribbean Coop!!!