Da 4th

The 4th was fantastic. First of all it was full contact tailgate grilling and frying. We cooked all kinds of steak, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, and fried wings. It was a meat fest. A good time was had by all and it was fun to be back in the grilling saddle.

The night before I bought a coconut to show the kids where the white fluffy stuff on a mounds bar comes from. We ate the meat to one half and I left the other half to the wild critters.

For days now we have watch squirrels come worship and bow down before this coconut. Then they stick their heads inside to eat the oily nut. One squirrel tried to bury the nut but gave up. This coconut will become squirrel legend.


terri said...

My stomach hurts just reading about all that meat. But I'll bet it was GOOD!

You're going to be the new King of the Squirrels. Every year, they'll gather back at your camp site in anticipation of the annual coconut.

TerryC said...

I have no comment about the "meat fest".
Oh, what the hell....another extreme day of happiness to create at least that many of not only karmic debt, but physical decay.

On the coconut note, we brought Harvey to the beach yesterday, and he saw his first "washed up on the beach Dominica coconut". It was almost as big as he is. Usually, he loves to chase them and play with them (he IS a Coconut Retriever, after all), but he was flabbergasted and barked and at it as if it were some sort of alien object.

Very amusing.

Rock Chef said...

Meatfest = good!

Sounds like a great way to celebrate the day.

Squirrels and coconuts - sounds like Ice Age!