My Old iPhone

As you know I upgraded to the latest and greatest iPhone ever a few weeks ago. This left me with the second generation iPhone the 3G.

Prior to the release of the 4th generation iPhone one could purchase my model iPhone for $99 at Wal-Mart. This came with a contract commitment to AT&T.

I noticed on eBay that my old iPhone was selling anywhere from $200 to $240 so I put mine out there. My phone has been bid up to $182.50 already. This almost covers the price I paid for my new phone.

Crazy world huh?

After seeing iPhone and eBay I am considering changing the arrangement of Wreggie to wReggie.



Peach Pod said...

Do you think people are paying top dollar for iPhones on eBay (to wReg!) because then they don't have to sign a contract and can go month-to-month? I know I hate signing those 1 and 2 year contracts!

Rock Chef said...

That is a bit crazy.

Love the chickens! What is a group of chickens called - a Bucket?

terri said...

The chickens don't seem to know what to think about being recorded.

LOL @ Rock Chef!

Michael said...
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Michael said...

You eBayed your iPhone without giving me first right of refusal?! You are dead to me...