Dive 10

I did a quarry dive this evening. Basically the goal of this dive was to visit the bottom at 96 feet.

My days are very busy now. My assistant had her baby early and I am trying to do her job and mine. What takes her 5 minutes takes me 45. I appreciate her more.

Plus I had to take a 3 hour regulatory test this afternoon. I was ready for some physical challenges.

The day was beautiful. We suited up for the cold water we knew we would encounter.

Finally we entered the water and it felt good. We dove.

I kept pressurizing my nose and ears as we headed down in the greenish water. It was cold. We turned on lights and kept going down.

I was gulping air. As you go deeper the air compresses more so the volume of air increases. Plus a cold body requires more air. The air is very dry and cold. It dried out my throat.

We used a rope to find our way to a sunken boat. No fish are down there. It is too cold. The visibility is maybe 6 feet.

We wondered over and down to a platform on the bottom and my computer read 94 feet. I looked at my air and I had gone from 3000 pounds to 1000 in short order. We made our way slowly to the surface.

The warm water felt good as we made our way to the surface.

It was my deepest dive to date.


Rock Chef said...

Sounds so cool,but I really can't imagine doing it myself - I am sure I would panic at some point and kill myself and everyone who tried to help!

Ken said...

Nice picture.
I know it's all a learning and comfort curve your going through but going down to 6 foot visibility and cold, cold water sounds a bit NUTS!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That picture was taken with my new iPhone. What and upgrade in photo quality. I may never use the old camera again. And it shoots HD video.

You are right it is a learning curve. I find the harsh conditions make for better training personally. It made my last ocean dive a breeze.

Honestly it is like being on another planet down there. The total dive was only 26 minutes.

I will have to step up to a 7mm wet suit if I do any winter diving. Or maybe rent a dry suit.

Ken said...

Or maybe not winter dive up here?

Can't you hear the palm trees rustling in the breeze?

TerryC said...

Great picture, but I agree with Rock Chef. Too scary under that water!