Do You Believe in Pixy Dust?

I am being told with a straight face that 3 million jobs total have been saved or created since we were fleeced in the 800 Billion dollar stimulus package. But it gets better… year end that number will be 3.5 million precisely as predicted. How amazing.

That comes out to a quarter of a million dollars per person just to keep a guy working or a quarter of a million dollars per person to create a job that pays substantially less.

I am then told this is good.

In the Wall Street Journal this morning it is reported that 6 more banks failed yesterday and the pace of failure is twice what it was last year.

I am told the economy is getting better but certainly don’t ever expect the United States to be the best ever again. Our time for that leadership has passed.

The above was reported news….now for the opinion part. The middleman is killing us. Could I have done better? Most certainly yes. Give me ¼ Million and I would have a heck of a lot of folks working to keep up with my demands.


Anonymous said...

100% agree with you. :o(