Jekyll 2010

One should not be rush on a major RV trip lasting 10 days.

I have become spoiled of late taking so many jaunts to St Croix where I pack a bag, grab the computer and stay in a villa after a 3 hour flight.

RVing requires a tremendous amount of effort from cleaning, checking out systems, packing, provisioning, and then the usual stuff of just being away for 10 days. There is the house sitter, cutting grass, a few last minute maintenance items, cleaning, settling things at work and paying bills.

Early this week we were plagued with constant thunderstorms that halted any out door endeavors such as grass cutting of getting hay for the horses. The storms also curtailed last minute readiness in being ready to leave at 9 AM on Thursday.

The final component of all this is traveling with 4 dogs. As you may recall we have had a change in crew by loosing two very seasoned travelers in the last 6 months. Drop in Tanner with the 3 remaining and things aren’t so pleasant.

Finally, treat all the dogs with flea and tick treatment that causes all but Cedie to get a diarrhea outbreak from hell.

Any very lastly Tanner had such an obsession with Boscoe the parrot that Tanner had to be restrained while Gigi protected Boscoe and refereed occasional outbreaks between Abby and Tanner.

We arrive to Jekyll Island late, rain falling and walking shits.

But you know….This is the miracle of life and I am living it.


Ken said...

Not so boring, and a good walking shit line always will make high marks.
Have fun!

terri said...

Vacations always make you crazy during the preparation phase. It's the actual vacation that brings such big rewards.