Things I Have Been Thinking About

Winter. The days are getting shorter and I don’t care for that. If I were a rich man I would create a well lit, warm and humid room with a gravel or sand floor. It would have a water feature and sweet sounds of summer. I would visually have murals or LCD screens with tropical scenes. I would have a comfortable chair and would dig my toes in the sand and maybe watch football.

Football. I am so looking forward to NFL football. I like about everything surrounding NFL including the silly man oriented commercials. I like live games, televised games and the rituals surrounding games.

Diving. I will dive Sunday with a couple of friends. I am going to the NC coast in 3 weeks or so and will dive. I will do to St Croix the first week of September and dive.

Work. My work has taken a turn in the fact that my assistant is on maturity leave. I am having to attend to details. I am a big picture person and not a detail person. I paint but I don’t like to sand or prime.

Chickens. These hens are getting big. I estimate that they should begin laying in about 4 weeks. I have egg cartons everywhere that I have saved or friends have saved.

Jeep. It has been so hot and we have had so many frequent downpours that I haven’t been able to enjoy my Jeep. It sits under a tarp ready for fun.

Golf. It has been so hot that a round of golf would be miserable.

My Back. I have developed a chronic knot in my left shoulder blade that required an emergency massage when I was on vacation and a follow-up massage this week with my regular therapist. I discovered the source of my pain was holding a phone pinched between my left ear and shoulder. My increased phone use is because my assistant is out.

My Lot In Life. Overall I am a very happy person. Whenever I rub elbows with anyone wealthier, powerful, well connected or just seemingly has in all I think, that person can’t be any more happy or satisfied than I am.


Michael said...

Maturity leave? This threw me for an instant, then I realized your assistant needed a break from the immaturity of the office, so is spending some quality time with someone more mature, her newborn infant ;-)

Re: the shoulder. It's a common problem among office folk who wedge the phone between ear and shoulder. Invest in a headset. While you're at it, get one for your assistant while she's out. :-)

Peach Pod said...

This was interesting. Thanks for sharing! BTW, let's plan a football party in front of the big screen at my house when ya'll are here in Oct.! I have been really going through football withdrawl too!

TerryC said...

Love it! "Maturity leave"!