A Little Bitching

I love God and Country but get so irritated when people blubber over a flag or a cross like it is the real thing that is to be loved. They are just symbols.

The cell service and free wifi down here at Jekyll Island, GA is abhorrent. Communicating with world is no longer a novelty. I got a voicemail delivered to me 12 hours late after I woke up at 4AM for an open water dive 26 miles off shore. The voicemail said the dive was cancelled.

I suppose if I needed 911 I could ring a bell or something.


Rock Chef said...

A lot of us just like to have the symbol to represent something that is much bigger. I guess it can seem too much sometimes, though.

As for the signal, it is probably all those trees - get chopping and things will improve no end!

Rock Chef said...

Bring back the Pony Express!

Rock Chef said...

Hey, they arrived at last! Thought I was being censored or something!

Ken said...

They must be playing new games in space today, everyone seems to be bitching about some kind of signal, skype, internet, phone.

You can bet I won't go to sea without a sextant and charts.

terri said...

Well, you know what they say... you can't have your cake and eat it too. The poor internet is a trade-off for the wonderful vacation, I guess.