Sunday Afternoon

There is a lot to be said for not diving too deep Yesterday I did two dives on a single tank, both 25 feet deep. I was down 50 minutes total and still had enough air left for an additional 20 minutes.

One tank in to dives is efficient. The water was warm. There were lots of fish…in fact they followed us.

We decide to go around the wall of the quarry. There were areas of old submerged trees, some places had heavy grass weed growing, and yet others there was only a sold stone wall.

The dives gave me time work on neutral buoyancy, controlled breathing and make a few decisions about equipment. My mask in gone for one like I have in St Croix. I bought it yesterday. It is cheap relative to dive equipment but it works and that is what matters.

We all practice safety measures like mask flooding and buddy breathing.

I was also trying out a very cheap and new 5MM wet suit I bought online. It kept me very warm. So cheap that if I get 5 more dives from it I’ll essentially would have spent the same on rental fees.

The wet suit is now hanging out back on the porch and Tanner keeps thinking an intruder is standing there.


Ken said...

So it's almost like you took a casual stroll around the quarry right?