Scuba Sausage

Yesterday I basked in the enjoyment of my dives. Honestly there was little else to do.

The heat wave that the Northeast has been suffering worked its way over South Georgia. We have been fortunate in that we have had mid to upper 80’s, low humidity, no rain and no bugs. But yesterday we hit a solid 100 and the humidity was high.

The power came on and off about 6 times. Around 5:30 PM the 50 amp circuit box powering our RV fried.

I reported the problem and ran over and robbed a 30 amp lead from an unoccupied site to keep one of the two air conditioners running until the repair was made.

Before long I was back up and cool.

Good news for me …I have found what looks to be replica Yellow Boys swim trunks at Diver’s Supply. I emailed my local Diver’s Supply retail store to get me 2 along with a 5 MM wet suit.

Hopefully I’ll get in 2 or three more dives in the next month at the quarry plus Gigi and I may go to Southport, NC for a long weekend I could dive off shore of NC.

In NC most coastal dives require each diver to carry a scuba sausage. It is a brightly colored inflatable long bright marker in case the current takes you away at the surface. One is much easier to spot at the surface holding a 6 foot orange sausage.

And you though a scuba sausage was going to be naughty didn’t you?


terri said...

I thought it had something to do with your scuba suit being on too tight.