Strange I Tell You

I dreamed one of my business partners died in an automobile accident. I was devastated. I helped with the arrangements and helped his widow deal with the emotional and financial aspects.

In a few days my partner reappeared after checking in doing all the admin and admissions required of the newly dead. He looked and acted different so I asked him questions to confirm it was really him. He said he had talked to his dead family members and agreed to look up my dad.

He said he had a lot of business on the books that he wanted to give me and he found a lot of dead people needing my services. He explained that now that he was dead he could no longer legally work in the living world or dead world but knew that I could because I was alive.

I started meeting some dead clients…some that had been dead for decades and centuries and it was quite creepy.

I don’t remember much further but the whole thing was weird.


terri said...

I dreamed that my next door neighbors needed to borrow my folding chairs. I brought them over to their house and when I peeked in the front door, the house was jam packed full of junk and garbage, so much that a person couldn't move in there.

You win. Your dream was weirder.

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like the set up for a movie or sitcom! Amazing what the mind can come up with!