Welcome to the RV

RV Policies

You are here because you are a friend or family so don’t bitch about my dogs.
If you are not sure how to use the bathroom just ask. Especially if you plan to leave a big job. Dislodging your turd after you are gone pisses me off.
There are mosquitoes outside and it is hot. Plan accordingly.
You are welcome to a few adult beverages but next time bring your own.
Same for soft drinks…you knew it was going to be hot and you would get thirsty.
We start getting sleepy about 8 to 9 PM. Plan to leave accordingly.
In case of fire run to the door and leave.
Don’t make any noise that will make the dogs bark. It pisses me off and it is not funny.

Grand Dining Room

The RV Grand Dining Room continues to be the scene of social gatherings and gourmet experiences. Beautifully restored in the redneck mode, the room is dominated by cheesy wall coverings and fake woodwork. The next door neighbors can be seen through expansive windows. The glow of candlelight and piano music create an atmosphere of romance and anticipation of the gourmet meal to come, if we play piano music and light candles.

Courtyard at the RV

Casual, Redneck-Inspired Cuisine at Our RV Awning

The Courtyard at the RV, Jekyll Island, a less formal dining option, is located in the center courtyard and under the awning. The awning, designed in 2007 by A and E Awnings, was inspired by a late night infomercial. Guests are offered the option of dining inside or outside, but don’t keep going in or out or you’ll let flies in the RV.

RV Amenities

Refreshment Center
Coffee Maker


MELackey said...


terri said...

Shower? There's a shower, right?

I promise I won't make your dogs bark. In fact, I'd let them sit on my lap and I'd spoil them.

Ken said...

What's the sound that makes them bark?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terri...yes there is a nice shower roomy and an upgraded shower head. I only use when I can't stand my own stink.

Any time anyone knocks the dogs go crazy.