At least I have eggs.....

The President broke the financial levy yesterday and flooded all the rich folks with panic. Then he came on TV and said the rich folks should pay more when they had just lost 2 trillion in the market. 

Then he said he was going to do the same thing he’s done the last two years to stimulate jobs.

It went over like a fart in church. 

From the Wall Street Journal this morning -  For amid the partisan bickering, there remains one principle on which all Americans are agreed: Any comparison to Jimmy Carter is always and everywhere a put-down. So it must have stung when the New York Times's Maureen Dowd recently quoted an unnamed Democratic senator moaning that "we are watching him turn into Jimmy Carter right before our eyes."

And this - Much is made of the president's rhetorical gifts. This is the sort of thing that can be credited only by people who think that a command of English syntax is a mark of great intellectual distinction. Can anyone recall a memorable phrase from one of Mr. Obama's big speeches that didn't amount to cliché? As for the small speeches, such as the one we were kept waiting 50 minutes for yesterday, we get Triple-A bromides about America remaining a "Triple-A country." Which, when it comes to long-term sovereign debt, is precisely what we no longer are under Mr. Obama. 

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Unknown said...

History will paint this picture with the hues of hindsight, but right now the colors are dark and murky. Who among us can see clearly?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Me. Seriously.

Rock Chef said...

I always liked Carter - always seemed that at least his heart was in the right place.

Not so keen on Obama and I hate his speeches.

Gigi said...

I liked Carter 'the Person' . I also thought His heart was good but He was not qualified to Run a Country .
I don't think Obama has either unfortunately .