A Football Prayer

Dearest God:

I just wanted to thank you for bringing me this close to the opening day of The National Football League Season. You know how I get so mushy and reflective on Hall of Fame weekend.

I know the first day isn't until September 11, and anything could happen before then, but I wanted to thank you for even bringing me THIS close.

You see, God, there is no surer sign that the stifling heat and humidity of summer is behind us, and that crisp days and long shadows lay ahead, than the Opening Day of The National Football League.

You brought us through the long lock out that only you knew when it would end. And it all turned out okay didn’t it?

Remember, God, when I used to go to church every Sunday and I would rush home and watch the game?

Remember, God, when in 2003 when I said screw it and I jumped on the John Fox bandwagon and started going to every home game? And just the next year we went all the way to the Super Bowl together and would have won if John Kasey hadn't choked on the final kick off?

And we almost did it, didn't we, God? Just a single shanked kick off from glory.

And God I will never forget your guiding hand in the thriller at the Big House when Appalachian State Beat Michigan. That game remains the high water mark in my football life.

Of course God you remember that NFL Wildcard Weekend in 2008 when the Panthers were making another run at 12-4 and my head got all swollen up and it was just you and me watching the games on TV in the hospital.

Why oh why did you let Arizona humiliate us in the playoffs the next weekend after the bye?

Couldn’t Fitzgerald have torn an ACL or something to make the game interesting?  Then when I saw my truck being broken into after the game let me know you have a sense of humor.

God I want to thank you for somehow making the game of football possible, even if you had nothing more to do with it than inventing people, so they could play it.

I want to thank you God for tailgating, friends, beer, the long walk up to the cheap seats that I love, and the guys in front of me with the odd shaped head and the old folks behind me that I high five every time we score.

So, again, God, thank you for bringing me this close to September 11, the Opening Day of The National Football League, when I will watch the Panther vs. the Cardinals.


A special thanks to pastor Phrankie  for leading this prayer. 

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